E-mail templates

An e-mail template is the cornerstone of proper e-mail marketing. If you’re looking for e-mail template designs, translating design to HTML, or both, RIFF is the place to be! As e-mail marketing specialists should, we will make sure that all templates are compatible with all e-mail clients.

Outsourcing e-mail templates

Lots of e-mail marketing software has its own ‘drag & drop’ tooling to let users easily create their own template. If it’s that easy, why would you ever outsource it? Actually, there are a number of reasons why it may be interesting:

  • First of all, it saves a lot of time. Creating your own template can often take a number of hours. And that’s just for a single version
  • Your template will look good in all e-mail clients. A mobile-first experience is essential. When working with predefined building blocks, you’ll often create templates that don’t scale well on mobile devices, for instance
  • Your template can easily be used in various e-mail software programs, because it was created in HTML

Design & HTML e-mail template

When it comes to developing e-mail templates, RIFF offers three options: we can provide the design (if you have clever in-house developers, for instance), we can provide html (if you do have your own template design), or we can provide both. As you can see, we have a suitable e-mail marketing solution for every situation!

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Looking for an e-mail marketing template that looks perfect in all e-mail clients and was designed to perfectly match your house style? One of our consultants will gladly look at your wants & needs and help you explore what we can do for you!