E-mail content creation

Need help writing fun, engaging and effective e-mail marketing content? Then RIFF is the place to be.

Content creation

Content creation is a skill of its own, especially when it comes to e-mail marketing. It’s a real exercise in conveying your key message in ever fewer words. But how do you go about writing inspiring copy that will also succeed in boosting your conversion rates? At RIFF, we’ll gladly help you through the entire content creation process. First, we will examine historical statistics to determine which content works well for your target audience, before seeing how your text will fit into your general content calendar. Only after we’ve gone through these steps will we start actually writing the content. Outsourcing e-mail content creation to an external agency has lots of advantages:

  • Content creation is an intense process that can take a lot of time. Wouldn’t you love spending all that time on other activities?!
  • Content produced by an objective set of hands & eyes, tailored specifically to your target audiences
  • Inspiring and focused on conversion
  • Can be copied straight into your e-mail template, so all you have to do is approve it and send it!

Need help with content creation?

Could you use a helping hand with creating your e-mail marketing content? From your monthly newsletter to specific automated campaigns: we’re happy to help! Please contact us for more information.