E-mail marketing plan

No results without strategy. This also goes for e-mail, which is still one of the most personal forms of digital communication. A smart approach to e-mail marketing can result in truly excellent conversion rates. If you’re just off the mark, your database will shrink with every e-mail and you’ll start to lose your connection with your customers. Time for a good strategy!

Strategies start with analysis

The analysis phase is a key, initial phase in developing your e-mail marketing strategy and involves examining the following elements:

  • Your current e-mail statistics – open rates, click rates, conversions and more.
  • Your current e-mail frequency – are you sending e-mails too often, or not often enough?
  • Your current e-mail software – does your software suit your needs?
  • Database segmentation – does your segment structure allow for relevant communication?

We will compare the results of this analysis with industry benchmarks, to see whether you performance is already above average? Perhaps we can set even more ambitious goals?

E-mail marketing strategy advice

After this analysis, we will provide advice with regard to your e-mail marketing strategy, which includes elements such as:

  • How can the synergy between e-mail and other marketing channels be optimized?
  • Where does e-mail belong in the customer journey?
  • Advice on e-mail content; tone of voice, design, copy
  • Database segmentation and data enrichment
  • Database expansion strategy – how can we keep your e-mail database current and allow it to grow?
  • Privacy and legislation
  • Reporting & KPIs – what will we be measuring to see whether the strategy is working as it should?

Curious to find out more?

Do you want to get serious about e-mail marketing? In that case, you’ll need an e-mail marketing strategy to ensure optimal synergy between all marketing channels and perfectly integrate e-mail marketing into your customer journey. Make an appointment today: we’d love to help.