Marketing Automation

Looking to go beyond traditional e-mail marketing? You’ll most likely end up with marketing automation. Assisted by software, you’ll start working with automated campaigns, lead scoring and personal targeting. The perfect solution for 1-on-1 e-mail marketing!

Marketing automation vs e-mail

The main difference between marketing automation and e-mail marketing is that the former also involves using your website traffic as a trigger. Including a tracking code on your website can help you find out exactly what visitors get up to on your website, so that you can respond to their activities perfectly through targeted e-mails! Marketing automation also involves techniques such as lead scoring, which gives you immediate insight into which phase your leads are currently in, automated trigger-based campaigns and applications such as social media and landing pages.

At RIFF, we are experienced users of marketing automation packages developed by Active Campaign, SharpSpring and HubSpot. And if you use a different package, we’re just as happy to help!

Using marketing automation

When you make the switch from e-mail marketing to marketing automation, there are a number of things you have to take into account:

  • Migrating current contacts, templates, campaigns and miscellaneous data
  • Selecting marketing automation software
  • Thinking about the partnership (as a tool for sales and marketing!) and support within your organization
  • Overview of potential automatic tracks

Getting started with marketing automation

Can’t wait to get started with marketing automation? Would you like to know more about all your options? Please contact us! One of our e-mail marketing specialists will gladly help out!