International SEO

International SEO

If you have a multilingual website or are planning to expand abroad in the short term, international SEO should definitely be included in your strategy. Simply copying and pasting your website into a different language is not enough. When developing an international website, a number of key decisions have to made in advance that require analysis from a practical and cost-related point of view. With multiple international customers and a broad international network, RIFF is a perfect partner. 

International SEO for better search results

International SEO lets you ensure that search engines will link the right website and the right language to the right country. Although this sounds very simple, there are a lot of elements to consider, such as selecting language and country settings, href implementation, international keyword research, etc. All in all, let it be clear that you need an international SEO strategy if you are to make the right decisions.

Which SEO strategy fits your international plans?

Our international SEO process starts by drawing up the right strategy. If your internationalization process is still at an early stage and you have not yet identified which countries are the most interesting candidates for expansion, we will help you gain insight into data and opportunities on a country-by-country basis. Because we are a Google Premium Partner, we can also share extensive benchmark data for specific countries, which we can then use to select the right countries for further development.


As soon as the countries are known, we can start thinking about how to structure the website. In this phase, we will discuss which languages or language combinations are possible and which option best meets your needs & wishes. Several options


  • ccTLD |
  • gTLD with language parameter |
  • Subdomain |
  • Subdirectory |
  • Other domain name |


The structures sketched above are just examples of a single SEO element and show clearly why international SEO is a tricky, yet essential ingredient for a successful international website.

Looking for help with international SEO?

A good international website requires sound preparation and extensive knowledge. To find out more about international SEO or learn more about what we can do, please contact us. RIFF has a broad international network that also allows us to assist on a wide range of international strategic choices other than SEO.