Local SEO

Local optimization

For a few years now, search engines have responded to certain search terms by prioritizing local results. If, for example, you search for a restaurant, local restaurants will be put at the top of the list. Local search results are shown in Google maps, Google My Business profiles,   featured locations and in search results.

The components of local optimization

1 in 3 search results is locally oriented, partly due to the increase in mobile searches. In order to be found locally, it is important that you use Google Local Search to improve the local findability of your website.

Google Local Search is mainly interesting for branches and businesses with a primarily local scope. RIFF’s specialists will help you set up and optimize the following:

  • Google My Business profile
  • Contact details
  • Local page optimization
  • Local link building

If you are looking for advice on local findability, please feel free to contact us and explore matters in greater detail with one of our specialists.