Content Analysis

SEO content analysis & advice

Search engines send visitors to pages that match their search terms perfectly. Sound, unique content is therefore essential if you are looking for a high index ranking. RIFF’s SEO specialists know all there is to know about writing SEO copy and will gladly advise you on how to boost your page ranking.

Guidelines for SEO texts

To help you improve your index ranking, we will take a critical look at the most relevant search terms related to your brand and examine to what degree your content corresponds to these terms. We will not only make sure that you use the right search terms, but also ensure that your meta descriptions and page titles match search intentions to create optimal circumstances for clicks to your website.


In addition, we check that your website is free from duplicate content, so that search engines label all texts as unique content. Even having two pages that have different content but cover the same topic can hurt your search ranking.


Finally, the SEO content checklist would not be complete without the following guidelines:

  • Length of content per page
  • Logical URL structure
  • The right <H1> through <H6> headers
  • Images with alt tags
  • Use of internal links
  • Preventing keyword spam


Briefly put, on-page optimization does not involve using keywords every other sentence. The right places, a logical structure and user-friendliness come first in SEO copy.


How do we approach the SEO optimization process?

To provide our customers with sound advice, we first investigate which keywords are the most relevant. Keyword research is the core component of SEO optimization. Once it has become clear which keywords are interesting, we will indicate which keywords should be used on which page. Does your current content match the keywords? Or would you like to have content written or rewritten? Our SEO copywriters will gladly help you out with either.

Advice on writing SEO copy

If you are looking for advice on writing SEO content, feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to see what we can do for you!