Website technology


To guarantee that your website performs properly, it’s important that you use sound SEO techniques You can have as much great content as you like, but if search engines can’t find your website or its content, it cannot determine its relevance, making it unfindable. Many website builders are unaware of all the ways in which implementing certain technical website elements can affect search results. That’s why it’s always important to have your website checked by an SEO specialist, preferably before it goes live.

You need a sound core if you are to guarantee proper performance. Using a technical analysis of your website, our SEO specialists will examine your website’s core just like a search engine would. During a technical analysis, your website is explored top to bottom and assessed on its SEO techniques, detecting potential bottlenecks.


During a technical analysis, we’ll look at various technical website elements, including:

  • Configuration – basic settings of your website
  • Website speed
  • Website structure
  • The technical elements of content
  • Extra visibility – enriching search results through rich snippets (videos, reviews, price)

This analysis will ultimately lead to an advisory report with recommendations that will help you and your website builder improve your website.