Keyword research

Keyword research is the foundation of all SEO optimization processes. It maps out the search behavior of your target audience, compiling a list of relevant keywords. RIFF’s SEO specialists are here to help your company with keyword analysis.

Keyword analysis as a step towards on-page optimization

Keyword research is a core element of SEO optimization, which involves tailoring all your copy to the search behavior of your potential customers. If a certain keyword has a high monthly search volume and can be used to describe your service or product, it might be wise to optimize a page based on that keyword.

The more general the scope of a keyword, the higher its search volume will typically be. Naturally, that also means you’ll face greater competition. The keyword with the highest search volume, however, is not necessarily the most suitable keyword for your page. As such, it’s very important to explore which keyword can best be used to describe a particular page.

In addition to optimizing your current pages, keyword research can also serve a source of inspiration for writing new content, as it may highlight specific questions and topics that your potential visitors are interested in. This content can then be processed in a blog, on a new page or in a knowledge base, but a certain query with regard to a related product or service may also lead to new sales opportunities.

Content mapping and website structure

When it’s clear which keywords are interesting, we’ll draw up a so-called mapping, in which we indicate which keywords should be used on which pages. In the process, we’ll examine whether your current menu structure corresponds with the ideal menu structure according to the analysis, and whether it can be improved if this is not the case. In some cases, analysis may show that your site’s structure has to be adjusted. Naturally, we will provide substantiated advice on how a new menu structure can boost your conversion rate through new or adjusted pages and content optimization recommendations.

Content opportunities for your company

Curious about your company’s content opportunities? Get in touch with us and discuss your options with one of our specialists.