Social media campaigning

Optimized social media campaigns

Do you have a social media strategy? In that case, you’re all set to get started with social media campaigns. Would you like to build a community, increase name recognition, boost website traffic or increase direct sales?

Social media campaigns in the customer journey

Social media plays a unique role in the customer journey and is an excellent way to stimulate interest, generate name recognition and contact leads. How will you achieve the objectives specified in your social media strategy? Your paid and organic social media campaigns on several channels will play an important role, and of course you haven’t forgotten to coordinate them with other campaigns in your marketing mix. Social media campaigns can be organic or paid, or a combination of both. An organic campaign consists of content posted on social media channels, which is usually geared to boosting name recognition and engagement.

Social media advertising

If you want your social media campaigns to yield specific results, we recommend getting started with social media advertising. After all, in Europe, organic social media lets you reach 0.5 – 2% of your followers, and will definitely not let you reach new target audiences. Advertising, on the other hand, is highly scalable, and its results can be monitored directly via the channels themselves or with Google Analytics. Extensive targeting options allow you to segment your audience in detail and show them specific messages, so that they achieve the desired goal, whilst also appealing to your audience.

Relevant social media campaigns tailored to your needs

Regardless of your social media objectives, we will always find a social media campaign that’s tailored to your needs. Our specialists are in direct contact with major social media channels, and we’ll help you optimize how you set up your campaigns. It’s important to coordinate your social media campaigns and ads with the customer journey of your specific demographics.

The more relevant your campaigns, the better the results! You can get very far with analysis and segmentation, exceeding even your wildest expectations. We can help you create organic or paid social media campaigns and guide you through the entire process. If you want, you can decide to outsource the entire process to us. We’ll make sure that you always have access to the results and give you detailed advice on how to optimize your social media campaign.

Looking for help with your campaign?

Are you ready to achieve your social media objectives through creative social media campaigns and smart optimization? Our social media consultants are happy to work with you and help you achieve the best possible results.