Social media strategy

Improved results with a social media strategy

Getting started on social media isn’t difficult, but how can you tap into its added value? Despite the fact that some of the elements are free, it can take a lot of time to keep track of everything. That’s why we recommend developing a sound social media strategy, updating it at least once a year.

Getting started with a strategy

A social media strategy serves as a basic framework for all different elements, such as organic social media channels, distribution of social content and social advertising, as well as social engagement. Social media is a world in which your channels represent your company. Just as with your website, it’s therefore very important to structure them properly!


A social media strategy describes how and why you will be using social media for your organization, based on your marketing or communication strategy. What is your company’s identity and what do you want to convey? In a nutshell, a complete strategy consists of the following elements: benchmark, target audience, objectives & KPIs, channel selection, content strategy, advertising strategy, content creation, distribution, engagement, analysis and optimization. So, what structure, processes, or even tools will you need? It’s a very educational process, in which you will become very familiar with your core demographic and learn how to keep achieving maximum results by regularly adjusting your social media strategy based on results.

RIFF is the premier social media strategy specialist

As an experienced specialist in all facets of social media, we can help you with your full social media strategy and all constituent parts. In order to achieve maximum results, you need a sound strategy. After all, channels don’t fit every target audience, and not all content items are suitable for all channels. It’s also important that everyone in your organization is on the same page. We guide companies through the entire process and help them deal with practical matters.

Need help with all or parts of your social media strategy?

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