Video data analysis

What makes a video campaign successful? When do you lose viewers? Will your videos be more effective as pre-roll campaigns on YouTube or as Facebook posts? Video data analysis can help find the answers to these questions. It all starts with specifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): which statistics will let you know whether your video content is achieving what you want it to.

Video data analysis as a starting point

Data is at the heart of every successful campaign, and this is no different for video marketing. Organizations with sufficient insight into their video data will find it easier to optimize their campaigns and target them more accurately. The plethora of video data may scare some organizations, which is why RIFF will help you translate vast amounts of data into usable analyses. This will greatly benefit how efficiently you produce your videos, ultimately generating substantial cost savings.

Two types of video data analysis

On the one hand, we use video data analysis as a starting point for video marketing strategies. This type of analysis involves examining the video data we need to help you formulate your objectives and draw up reports. On the other hand, we use video data analysis as an evaluative tool to allow for interim optimization. We look at which insights the data actually generate, what we can learn from these insights and how we can use the results to make specific improvements.


In short, there are, generally speaking, two types of video data analysis:


  1. The first type of analysis is based on available information. We collect all data, look for striking patterns and see what conclusion we can draw from these patterns, allowing us to specify clear-cut KPIs and objectives
  2. The second type of analysis is based on a problem statement and consists of specifying a particular question before investigating the root cause. We might want to find out, for instance, whether horizontal or vertical video ads work better on Instagram? 

Do you want to get started on video data analysis yourself?

Regardless of whether you’re just starting off with video marketing or are a seasoned video marketing specialist, we can carry out fitting video data analysis at every level. No matter whether you have a single question about a specific video or whether you’re looking for a complete analysis of your video marketing efforts, RIFF is the place to go. Did you know that we can also perform YouTube analyses , in addition to general video data analyses? Please contact us for more information.