Video marketing strategy

Want to tempt people to make a purchase? Looking to work on your brand? Want to provide businesslike information or inspire with emotions? The world is your oyster with video marketing. Your video-marketing strategy details what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it, and is an important part of your content strategy.

Make decisions beforehand to avoid costly changes later

A good strategy is crucial, because producing video is almost always more expensive than images or copy.. In a strategy, you lay down the following aspects:

  • What is your objective with video marketing?
  • What is your core message?
  • What is your tone of voice?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • On which platforms will the videos be used?
  • Will we use a voice-over, or not?
  • Will we opt for longer videos or multiple short snippets?
  • Will we use actors, or our own employees?
  • Which music will be the best fit for the video?


When you start using video marketing, it’s important to go through all the steps of the funnel, so that you can take all the aspects mentioned above into account. We’ve visualized the various phases of the funnel in the image below:

The funnel begins with analysis, a phase in which we research the target audience, study which platforms are best suited to the target audience, determine what the objective of your video content will be, what is happening in the market, and so on. At this stage, we also analyze your channels, forming the basis for the next step: strategy and concept.

In the second phase, we use your data and strategy to develop a draft concept, in which we describe your objectives and KPIs and make a choice from various platforms and types of content. This is also when we determine what budget you’ll need to achieve your objectives.

Now it’s time for copywriters, scriptwriters and the director to kick-start the creative process. Before we start producing the video, we’ll establish the desired tone of voice and write the script. While the video is being produced, we’ll also optimize your channels, by performing an extensive YouTube optimization, for instance, using information collected in the analysis phase. We will optimize all your existing content and campaigns, building a solid foundation for the next step, distribution.

During distribution, we seek to optimize the use of your digital marketing mix, featuring paid, owned and earned channels. Distribution may consist of uploading video to YouTube, using YouTube advertising, or posting a video on a social channel. After your campaigns go live, we’ll start optimizing them in real time. The final step of the video-marketing strategy process is evaluation, which involves analyzing the results and outlining everything we’ve learnt for future campaigns.

Want to get started on your video marketing strategy?

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