YouTube Analysis

To ensure that a YouTube channel is performing optimally, we will analyze the entire channel and find out where it can be improved. We will look at the channel itself, as well as at individual videos. Implementing the improvements suggested by the analysis will help you boost the performance of your YouTube channel, increasing your views and subscriber count. We’ll also give you tips to improve the organic findability of your videos.

YouTube: the Internet’s second-largest search engine

Seeing as YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, it’s no surprise that video is an integral part of every marketing mix. For some organizations, YouTube may be the perfect channel to share their how-to videos, whereas other organizations may use it to inspire their fan base. However, we regularly see that YouTube channels are left out of optimization efforts, despite the fact that it’s relatively easy to do. Optimizing your YouTube channel gives an organic boost to your number of views, viewing time and number of subscribers, making sure that your brand gets more attention.

YouTube analysis including specific action points

Using a YouTube analysis, we’ll map out the problematic areas of and opportunities for your YouTube channel, both at an overarching channel level and at an individual video level. The purpose of a YouTube analysis is to provide you with ways to optimize your channel and videos, so that you can optimize them before publishing them in the future.


As we mentioned before, we’ll first analyze some general core features of your YouTube channel. Is your house style clear and recognizable? Does the channel list the right links? How is the channel structured? Is it clear to viewers when you publish new videos? All these elements will help your YouTube channel match your brand identity.


As soon as we’ve mapped out the key areas, we’ll take a deep dive into your videos. Do they use the right title tags and do you include the right links in your video descriptions? Are you already using YouTube’s tagging feature? Optimizing YouTube content elements will improve the organic findability of your videos.      

Need a comprehensive YouTube analysis?

A YouTube analysis will give you a list of specific areas for optimization that you can put into practice immediately. If you prefer leaving optimization to the experts, we’ll gladly help you organize your YouTube optimization process. From analysis to optimization: if you’re looking to get started on YouTube, please contact us right away.