Concept & prototype design

Want to quickly develop your idea into a concept and corresponding visuals? Concept & prototype design is the solution you’re looking for.

Why concept & prototype design?

The added value of concept & prototype design is that it shows you immediately how an idea could work in practice. Concepts really come to life when they are visualized, allowing you to take major steps towards more specific design within a short timeframe. Not only is visualization interesting in itself, but it can also give you important information with regard to user-friendliness. You might find, for instance, that people struggle to click the right button, or that improvements could be made in terms of navigation. Developing a concept will help you identify and solve potential bottlenecks at a much earlier stage.

What does RIFF do?

Concept & prototype design roadmap

Concept & prototype design in practice

Now you know what RIFF does in the field of concepts and prototypes, it’s time to show you our visualizations in practice. And is there any better way to do so than showcasing the work we’ve done for some of our clients?


Case Quinny – configurator


‘When you have a million different options, that’s when the real customization fun begins.’ That was the idea that prompted Dorel Juvenile, the company that produces Maxi-Cosi, to ask RIFF to build a configurator for Quinny Zapp strollers. Although we didn’t quite hit the million option mark, the platform offers a tremendous number of customization options.

[Bekijk de case]

Looking to get started? We’re happy to help

If you’re full of ideas for your website, but struggling to translate it into a specific end product, concept & prototype design is the solution you’re looking for! Together, we’ll bring your concepts to life! The first step in this process? A cup of coffee in our beautiful Nijmegen office. We’d love to find out more about all your ideas.