User Experience Design

Wherever you look on your website, you will see UX Design. From the navigation menu to icons and hyperlinks, these are all examples of UX Design. It is an overall concept, involving every element of what a user experiences.

Why UX Design?

We hardly need to ask this question. After all, user experience has to come first in everything you develop. UX Design involves more than just the visual side of design, what matters is the total picture.


If your visitors have a positive user experience, this will ultimately lead to more conversions and more loyal customers, which is what we all want, of course!

UX Design: what does RIFF do?

Step-by-step UX design at RIFF Digital Technology:

Step 1. Research (drafting requirements) – Based on needs & wishes – target audience research – personas – objectives

Step 2. Concepting – Logical user path – which pages should be created? What is missing? -UI Design

Step 3. Prototyping / User Testing –

UX Design in practice

Now you know what RIFF Digital Technology does in terms of UX Design and why it is essential for your website. Of course, the best way to bring design to life is to showcase practical examples. And how can we better highlight our UX Design skills than by showing examples of the work we have done for some of our clients? Scroll down for examples of what we did for ______ and _______.


Customer case Customer case

Looking to get started? We are happy to help

If you want to create an optimal user experience for your visitors, fear not, for we have your back. At RIFF Digital Technology, we work with small teams and make sure that personal contact always comes first. We will support and guide you through all steps of web design, until you too have a perfect user experience. Where do we start? With a delicious cup of coffee with our designer, Cagri, in our beautiful Nijmegen office.