User Interface Design

User Interface Design (also known as UI Design) involves everything that makes user experiences easier, more appealing and more efficient, primarily with regard to visuals.

Why UI Design?

Whereas UX Design serves as the foundation of user experiences, UI Design is the finishing touch to a website. UI Design involves the visual aspects, such as color usage, button designs, mobile-first applications and rules for image use.

UI: what does RIFF do?

@Cagri, can we turn this into an appealing visual with a step-by-step plan?

UI Design in practice

Customer case Customer case

Looking to get started? We are happy to help

If you want to create a visually appealing, effective experience for your visitors, RIFF Digital Technology is the place to be. We will support and guide you through all steps of web design, ensuring that personal contact always comes first. Where do we start? With a delicious cup of coffee with our designer, Cagri, in our beautiful Nijmegen office.