Product configurators

Do you work with fully or partially customizable products? Do you want your customers to be able to easily configure these products on your website? In that case, a product configurator is the perfect solution.

Product configurator: personal & customized

A configurator is a perfect example of a tailor-made product, allowing customers to build their very own product according to their specific wishes in your online store, for instance. Configurators are commonly used for cars, for instance, presenting an extensive range of options. You can choose the engine size, the model, the exterior, interior, and extras, resulting in a perfect product tailored to your needs. Completely to your liking and with a clear price tag. Configurators are also very compatible with other products, such as window frames, bicycles, business gifts, and even sneakers.

The product configurator process

When developing a product configurator, we always take a clear step-by-step approach. We start by defining the product. What options do customers have? Then it’s time for design, development and testing! When the product configurator is completely to your liking, we proceed to the final delivery phase.

Configurators in practice


Case Quinny – configurator


‘When you have a million different options, that’s when the real customization fun begins.’ That was the idea that prompted Dorel Juvenile, the company that produces Maxi-Cosi, to ask RIFF to build a configurator for

Quinny Zapp strollers. Although we didn’t quite hit the million option mark, the platform offers a tremendous number of customization options.

[Bekijk de case]

Case Douwe Egberts – parts catalogue


Douwe Egberts’s question for RIFF was: “How can we improve the way we market our spare parts?” The solution? An innovative dealer platform. Inventory levels, customer prices: you can find it all in the system.

[Check out the case]

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